This section contains tips on ensuring your trip to France goes as smoothly as possible if you choose to drive on the Continent.  This includes information on the documents you will be required to take with you, along with requirements per Country.

You can also find practical information on driving in France, such as speed limits, road signs, and common pitfalls for British drivers.

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  • Driving License

    License Requirements

    Information on the driving license requirements for driving in France.


  • Breakdown Cover

    Breakdown Cover

    Organise breakdown cover before your journey to insure against nasty suprises!


  • French Road Laws

    French Driving Laws

    Understand some of the French laws on the roads to keep you safe.


  • Car Insurance

    Insurance Requirements

    Helping you to ensure that you have adequte car insurance whilst motoring abroad.


  • Checklist

    Car Checklist

    A checklist of items that should be carried in your vehicle at all times whilst abroad.


  • French Road

    General Tips

    Practical tips and hints to consider when driving in Europe.